Role of Psychopharmacology in Mental Health

Psychopharmacology has become a significant approach to treatment in primary mental state disorders. However, combined psychiatric and medical illness can give rise to some challenging medical problems. Furthermore, drug treatment in patients with such illnesses can involve important drug-disease interactions and drug-drug interactions. One should keep in mind that the issues will arise when an emotionally troubled patient would benefit from a psychotropic drug, but a concurrent medical illness complicates this treatment. An awareness of both the medical and psychiatric issues will make successful treatment. There is a need for further research in the field, especially regarding major unresolved issues such as the proper selection of patients for whom antidepressants are indicated, clinical & biological predictors of treatment response, and development of new treatments with superior efficacy and safety. Meanwhile, the essential prerequisites for successful treatments is an empathic psychotherapeutic alliance coupled with careful clinical and pharmacological monitoring are Modern Psychopharmacology.

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