Developmental Psychology

It is the scientific study of about how and why an individual changes during their lives. It is originally associated with infants and children and expanded including adolescent, development of adult and ageing. Professional developmental psychologists try to explain how thinking, feeling and behavioural changes occur during the whole life span of an individual. This particular field examines three major dimensions: Physical development, cognitive development and socioemotional development. Within these three major dimensions broad range of topics are included such as motor skills, executive functions, moral understanding, language acquisition emotion development, identity formation.

Development Disorder

Person Perception

Empowerment and quality of life

Empathy, Self-Help and The Ideal Self

Ethical Standards

Educational Psychology

Personal Development

Personnel Psychology

Parenting and caring

Mechanisms of Development

Violence and Aggression

Environmental and cultural psychology

Cognitive Development

Physical and Memory Development

Evolutionary Developmental Psychopathology


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